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    Ranch Owner's Association phone numbers.

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    R-Ranch is governed by an elected Board of five Directors each serving two year terms.

    Got a question about R-Ranch? Ask a Board Member!

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    Got a question about the workings of R-Ranch? Ask the board members. Your message will be sent to the board as a group. If you would like to address a specific member, please use the email form on the Board of Directors page.

  • Sales

    Become an R-Ranch Owner

    R-Ranch in the Sequoias is not a time share, no one person or family owns individual property, but participates in subdivided ownership. Rather than land, owners enjoy the entire ranch whenever they wish and as often as they wish, without the constraints of a timeshare.

    There are 2,500 undivided interest shares in the ranch.

    Owner shares are represented by a 1/2500th grant deed to the R-Ranch property.

    Contact our sales manager for more information.

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    R-Ranch.org was maintained and hosted by Cheryl Olson (d).




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