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Ranch owners have approximately 80 cabins available for year round use.

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Cabins are generally furnished to a comfortable rustic style. A few are maintained in a basic manner to suit all tastes. All cabins have beds and mattresses, electricity, heat, hot water, modern plumbing, small refrigerators, stoves, dinning table and chairs. Each cabin also has its own picnic table and barbecue area and basic housekeeping supplies. Many cabins can accommodate an RV beside the cabin.

Few cabins are so spartan, however, as owners have added curtains, comfortable furniture, kitchen appliances, dishes, pots and pans , etc. Most cabins have been decorated, mainly through the volunteer efforts of the ADOPT-A-CABIN volunteers.

Since the cabins were once the homes of lumber company employees, they are each unique, though most still retain the knotty pine wood paneling throughout. Cabin sizes vary from about 400 sq. ft., once used for bachelor living, to 4 and 5 bedrooms depending upon the family needs of company employees. The cabins are available to owners depending on the size of the party reservation. Owners may make specific requests for cabins pending availability and size of party.cabin 208

Most cabins have journals where a tradition has developed to leave a message for the next family, recording Ranch experiences, advice, humor, creative writing, nature observation tallies and even gossip, much as might have been shared over the backyard clotheslines or morning coffee break.




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